Fridge Freezer Problems & Repairs - Common Faults & Solutions

Your fridge freezer is put to constant use and is bestowed with the important responsibility of safeguarding your food. From time to time however, small appliance problems may arise. We’ve outlined five common faults and their solutions for you below…

  1. There is no electricity going to the appliance

    In the event of no electricity going to the appliance, you should complete the following steps:

    • Check for an electrical supply – check that the fridge freezer is connected to the supply and that the plug is switched on.
    • Check the electrical socket – test the socket using a different appliance, is it working?
    • Check the electric meter – has the switch tripped?
    • Check the fuse in the plug – has it blown? If so, replace the fuse with a correctly rated fuse.
  2. The fridge is too cold or warm

    If the temperature of your refrigerator is either too cold or too warm it indicates that the thermostat may be incorrectly set. If it is correctly set, the thermostat tube may be covered or have a blockage which is hindering its use.

    Alternatively, the temperature issue may be due to the following:

    • A loose thermostat control
    • The build-up of frost within the appliance
    • A torn door seal
    • A malfunctioning thermostat

    The frost issue can be easily combatted by emptying the appliance, switching it off and allowing it to defrost. A loose thermostat will require replacement, as will a torn door seal. Lastly, a malfunctioning thermostat will require professional attention.
  3. The light is off

    If the light is not working it is usually because the bulb has blown or the door switch is unable to close properly. In which case, you can replace the bulb or clean the door switch. If the issue continues, seek the assistance of an appliance repair specialist, such as one of our qualified Hoover engineers.
  4. There is water in the fridge base

    If there is a pooling of water in the base of the fridge it is likely to be there because the drain hole is blocked. If this is apparent, remove any loose debris from the hole using a long implement and take care not to cause any damage to it whilst doing so.
  5. The appliance is not working yet the light is on

    If the light is on and the fridge freezer is not working this suggests a fault with the thermostat, compressor or alternatively, that the thermostat is set to off or is on the defrost setting.

    If the thermostat or compressor is faulty, contact a professional to complete the repair. If the thermostat is the cause of the issue, reset it accordingly.

We hope our useful advice will help you to nurse your fridge freezer back to health! However, for those who have determined that you are in need of professional assistance, please click to arrange a home visit and repair from one of our qualified Hoover engineers.

Alternatively, call 08444 995 599 to arrange your home visit by phone.

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