Fridge Freezer Advice Centre

We know how important your fridge freezer is, so if you’re experiencing a problem, such as too much frost or frozen water droplets, Hoover’s fridge freezer Advice Centre may be able to help.

Your fridge freezer is an essential household appliance which is tasked with the important job of keeping your food chilled and frozen. Given its extensive daily use, day to day maintenance and upkeep is vital in order to prolong its working life.

With this in mind, we have outlined several important fridge freezer maintenance tips for you...

05 November 2012 Tags: Freezer, Fridge Freezer

Your fridge freezer is put to constant use and is bestowed with the important responsibility of safeguarding your food. From time to time however, small appliance problems may arise. We’ve outlined five common faults and their solutions for you…

05 November 2012 Tags: Refrigeration Appliances, Freezer, Fridge Freezer
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