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The belt has broken

To check the condition of the belt start by unplugging your Reactive vacuum from the mains. Turn it over and using a standard Phillips screwdriver remove the seven screws that hold the brush cover plate in pace.

Lift off the cover plate and the belt can be seen on the left. If it has snapped or stretched it will need to be replaced. Lift the brush roll up and out and remove the broken or worn belt. Clean any debris tangled around the brush and if the bristles look worn then fit a new replacement brush. loop one end of the belt over the metal drive pulley within the body of the cleaner and loop the other end over the brush roll. Pull the roll forward stretching the belt until it can be pushed down into the front of the cleaner. Give the brush a turn by hand to ensure it is fitted correctly and will spin freely. replacement belts and brushes can be purchased from the spares section of our website.

Should the brush not rotate freely there may be debris tangled around the ends of the brush, carefully remove any obstructions or replace the brush with a new one. We recommend that you fit a new belt and brush once per year to keep your Reactive vacuum working efficiently.

Replace the brushes and belt
Buy spare parts online
Phone 03446 923 608 to book your repair

Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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