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The brush may have jammed

If there is a blockage or build up of debris around the brush roll preventing it from turning, then the power will automatically stop and the charge light will flash red. Before attempting to use your Freedom stick again the brush roll will need to be removed and cleaned.

Before doing this make sure the continuous running switch has been switched off to make sure the product is safe to work on.

Slide the brush lock bar away from the centre of the product as shown and then you can lift out the brush roll. Remove any debris, hair and threads from around the brush, you may need to use scissors to carefully cut away any thing tangled up.Take care not to damage the bristles. Remove any other debris that is found in the area around the brush or the hose leading to the extension tube. Put the brush roll back and continue cleaning.

if the red light is flashing the safety cut out has operated

Pictures (left) showing how to remove the brush roll for cleaning

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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