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Empty the dust container and clean the filters (3)

To keep your cleaner working effectively and giving the best possible suction we recommend that the duct container is emptied when it is 2/3 full and the filters are kept clean. To empty the dust box start by removing it from the cleaner by pressing the release trigger on top of the handle.

Press the trigger to remove the box

Take the container to your dust bin or a bin bag, pull the release trigger to open the flap at the bottom and shake to remove all of the collected dirt. There are 2 filters found in the dust box, twist the lid to open it and remove the hepa filter and foam pad found in the top. Dust both filters to remove dust and for best results wash in warm water. Please make sure they have thoroughly dried before popping them back in, this can take up to 24 hours. We recommend that you replace the hepa filter once per year and you can purchase new ones from the spares page on our web site.

lifting out the hepa filter

Also inside the container you will find the black cyclonic unit make sure this is not clogged, it along with the whole dust container can be washed in warm water.

Left to right: Hepa filter, cyclonic unit and the dust container

Left to right: Hepa filter, cyclonic unit and the dust container

The re is also a filter found at the rear of the cleaner where the warm air escapes. Unclip the filter cover as shown.

unclip the exhaust filter

Dust the filter with a brush or for best results wash in warm water, making sure it is fully dry before popping back.

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