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Empty the dust container (2)

Start by taking the dust container off the cleaner by lifting the release catch to remove the container.

Take the container to your dust bin.

Look closely at the lid of the container to find the padlock symbol. Twist the lid anti- clockwise until the 'open padlock' icon is in line with the arrow. The lid will now lift off.


Remove the filters and the cone found inside the container, this is best done with the dust container placed over your waste bin. Now tip the contents of the dust container into your waste bin. Give the filters a good clean, they can be brushed or washed in warm water. If they are washed please allow them to dry thoroughly before you pop them back in.

When you are refitting the inner cone back inside the dust container note that it has a locking plastic tab that sits in a slot in the bin above the word ' filter access'. Please ensure this is fitted into the slot other wise the container lid will not go back on.

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