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Empty the dust container and clean the filters (4)

The dust container will need to be emptied regularly to keep your whirlwind cleaner working effectively. There is also a filter inside the container that should be cleaned regularly. Start by removing the dust container from the cleaner. Press the release button as shown and lift it off.

Now press the lid release to open up the dust container. Remove the blue hepa filter and foam pad. To clean simply dust with a brush, or wash in warm water if it is really dark coloured. Make sure that it is allowed to dry thoroughly before re fitting to the container. We recommend that you replace the filter once per year with a new one which can be purchased from the spares section of this website.

To empty the dust container remove the red cone and grey cyclonic unit and simply tip the contents in the bottom of the container out into your dust bin. All these parts may be washed in warm water to help clean them but please make sure everything is dry before putting it all back together.

with the cyclonic unit removed the container can be emptied out into a dustbin

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