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Is it stopping full of water? - Check the pump filter or drain connection

If your machine is stopping mid cycle, the problem may be that it is unable to drain out the water. Can you see water left inside the drum? If you can then the pump filter may be blocked or the waste arrangement (if you have connected the machine to the kitchen sink) may have a blockage .

Waste pipe connected to the sink, check the sink drainage pipe work where the grey waste hose fits

sink connection draining water off

Drain the machine manually using the drain hose located at the bottom behind the pump flap. If you do not have such a hose on your product then the grey drainage hose at the back of the machine can be lowered into a dish at ground level and the water will drain out by gravity. This is known as the emergency drain procedure. Now unscrew the filter and remove any blockages and debris from the pump filter and chamber. Place a towel down under the pump as there may still be some water left in. Dry out the pump, pop the filter back in by screwing it clockwise until its tight and try the machine again.

Debris clogging up a pump

Typical debris found in a washing machine drain pump

Clean pump

Pump clean and dry ready to re fit the filter

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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