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Maintenance and general care (2)

There are 2 filters fitted to the product, for best cleaning results they should be removed and cleaned at least once per month. It is also a good idea to wash them in warm water at least every couple of months or if they are really clogged up, the frequency will depend on how often you are using the product. After they have been washed they should be allowed to dry out thoroughly before re fitting them into the cleaner. We recommend that for best results you replace the filters once per year and these can be purchased from the spares section of our website. Regular emptying of the dust box is also recommended, once the box is 2/3 full take it off the cleaner and empty out the contents into your dustbin. The container may be washed in warm water and once its dry re fit to the cleaner.

Also we recommend that you fit a new drive belt at least once per year. Check that the brushes have not worn down, again replacement belt and brushes can be purchased from our website. If you have had your cleaner for over one year then the dirt pick up will improve if you replace the brush roll - giving your carpet that 'groomed' look as well as a deep down clean!

Lift off the dust box and empty it

Take the dust box off and empty it out over your dustbin, press the latch to release the flap at the bottom of the container. Twist the top of the container to remove it and get to the pre motor filter.

twist lid

twist the lid until the arrows line up then it will open. Lift out the filter and for best results wash in warm water

lift out the filter wash in warm water

there is a second filter that is found as shown, remove for cleaning

lift off the cover lift out the filter

wash this filter in warm water shown here being lifted out of the cleaner

Your cleaner has brushes that sweep the dirt up from the carpet and these are underneath the cleaner. To replace them start by removing the bottom cover.

remove the screws remove cover

Use a standard Phillips screwdriver to undo the securing screws and then lift off the cover

Remove the belt and brush and fit new ones - loop the belt around the motor spindle, then loop over the brush and stretch into place. Before you fit the cover give the brush a turn by hand to make sure that the new belt is not jammed.

fit the belt fit the brush

stretch back and re fit the brush into its base

screw the base back on

Finally secure the base back on with the screws. You have now maintained your vacuum cleaner

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