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Check the belt is not worn or broken

The brushes at the base of your cleaner spin round to brush fluff and debris found on the surface of the floor up into the cleaner. If the rubber drive belt breaks the brush will not be able to turn and you will notice it’s not picking stuff up in particular hair and fluff. Switch the cleaner on, tilt it over and look to see if they turn. Before you do any work on your cleaner please UNPLUG it from the electrical supply.


brush turning?

picture showing the brushes are not moving round

In order to get to the belt and brushes, turn the cleaner over and remove the brush cover plate. This is held on with 5 screws. A standard Phillips head screw driver will be needed to undo the screws. Now lift off the cover plate and the brush and drive belt can be seen.

remove the screws lift off cover

once all 5 screws are out lift the cover off as shown

Remove the belt and brushes. The belt may not be broken but simply stretched and not able to spin the brushes effectively. We recommend that you replace the belt and brushes once per year to keep the cleaner working effectively and give the best pick up possible. You can purchase replacements from the spares pages on our website.

Loop the belt over the motor spindle, don't worry if it looks brown or a rusty appearance that is normal.

fitting belt

Now loop the other end of the belt over the brush roll and pull to stretch the belt and fit it into the body of the cleaner. Once its fitted turn the brush by hand a few times to make sure that the new belt is not trapped.

fit brush

Finally fit the cover and secure with the 5 screws. Switch on and try the cleaner.

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

This solution applies to the following models: