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Washer dryers do not have a fluff filter

Hoover washer dryers do not have a filter to collect the fluff from the tumble dryer. Any fluff build up will be pumped out when the machine empties the water away. The only filter you will need to clean is the pump filter at the bottom left hand side of the machine. Please refer to the maintenance guide found on our web site for further advice. We recommend that once per month you perform a maintenance wash on your washer dryer. Simply run an empty machine through a 60 degree cycle to remove any deposits left behind in the tub. Hoover have made a cleaning agent especially for getting your machine hygienically clean and fresh by removing sludgy deposits and lime scale . Please look at the informative video clip for more about Care plus Protect

  • Care plus Protect washing machine  cleaner may be purchased from our spares web page

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