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Check that the belt is not broken or worn

If your cleaner is leaving fluff or hair on the carpet and not sweeping up the dirt it may be due to wear on the drive belt that makes the brush roll underneath spin round. Switch the product on and have a look at the brushes by carefully tipping the cleaner back. If the brushes are not spinning this may be due to the belt breaking. Belts will stretch and wear over time so it is a good idea to replace the belt regularly to keep the cleaner working efficiently. The brushes will also wear away and just like the belts will need to be renewed. You can purchase replacements from our spares site and follow these steps to get to the belt and brush roll.

Before doing any work please unplug the appliance.

The first step is to remove the brush cover on the bottom of your cleaner.


using a standard Phillips screwdriver take out 6 screws

and lift off the cover to reveal the brush roll and belt

Remove the worn belt and or the brushes and fit the new belt by first looping it over the motor spindle. This may appear brown or even rusty which is perfectly normal.

loop belt

loop the other end of the belt over the brush roll, stretch the belt by pulling on the brush roll and push down into position. Before refitting give the brush a couple of turns by hand just to check that the new belt is not jammed.

loop belt overbrush push down

push the brush down into place and turn by hand to make sure it is free to turn

fit cover

Finally re fit the cover and the screws

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

This solution applies to the following models: