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Reduce the cooking temperature

How should temperatures be adjusted for a fan oven?
Fan ovens quickly reach temperature and transfer heat more efficiently so they can generally be set lower by 20C. Long cooking times can be shortened by up to 10 minutes per cooking hour but you must make sure that the food is cooked!

How do I find out which temperature to reduce to?

Follow the conversion chart below:

Conventional oven temp Gas Mark Fan Oven temp
250F/120C 1/2 100C
275F/140C 1 120C
300F/150C 2 130C
325F/160C 3 140C
350F/180C 4 160C
375F/190C 5 170C
400F/200C 6 180C
425F/220C 7 200C
450F/230C 8 210C
475F/240C 9 220C


Fan ovens

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