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Have you put too much soap powder in?

Error code 4 or E04 may appear in the display if too much soap powder has been used. If you can see lots of suds in the drum then the excess soap bubbles may trigger an alarm. Put the machine through a maintenance cycle  by selecting a cottons 60 degree cycle and let the machine run through with out any load in the drum. This will clean out any excess or left over soap powder. For best results perform a once per month maintenance wash using a washing machine cleaner, Hoover have produced Care and Protect which is perfect for cleaning the inside of your product and can be purchased from the spares section of our website.

If the error 04 persists following a maintenance wash, then please ring us to arrange a visit from one of our Service Engineers.

Phone 03446 923 608 and we’ll assess the best resolution for your problem.

Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

This solution applies to the following models: