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Long term maintenance

Your fridge freezer should be deep cleaned 2 – 3 times per year and all food items, drawers and racks should be removed in order to do so. The drawers and racks should then be washed individually and the inside of the fridge freezer should be cleaned thoroughly with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Do not forget to also clean the doors so as to prevent mould growth around the door seal and within the creases.

The back of the fridge freezer should be delicately vacuumed to help promote the removal and prevention of dust and dirt build-up around the coils and other components.

Where applicable, the freezer should also be defrosted every 4 – 6 months (or when the thickness of the ice reaches around 1.5cm) to help improve energy efficiency and overall capacity. This can be achieved by selecting the relevant ‘Defrost’ or ‘Off’ option on the thermostat.

Whilst defrosting, all food should be removed and placed elsewhere e.g. within a cool or ice box. When in defrost mode, excess frost and ice should be scraped away and the machine should be wiped down and cleaned prior to resuming switch on.

A further long term maintenance task involves emptying the fridge drain. This should be completed every 3 – 4 months in order to prevent overflow and subsequent water leakage onto the floor.

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This solution applies to the following models: