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Clean the condenser

Regular cleaning of the condenser will keep your dryer working quickly and efficiently. Remove the lower cover by pulling it off. The condenser can now be removed, simply release the locking handles and pull it out. The best way to clean it is to flush through by pouring water from a bucket or a hose pipe through the metal fins to loosen and remove the fluff. It doesn't matter if it gets wet so just pop it back in once it has been washed clean.

Twist the clips and pull the condenser out

Wash the condenser with cold running water to remove all of the fluff that may be built up inside the condenser. Make sure all of the fluff has been flushed out to keep your dryer working efficiently and dry the clothes quickly. We recommend that you check the condenser to see if there is a build up of fluff once per month.

washing the condenser

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