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The belt may be worn or broken

Before you start, please make sure your cleaner is unplugged. To get to the belt we will need to remove the hood, this is quite easy, start by lowering down the handle. Look either side of the handle near to the large rear wheels for the 2 securing screws. You will need a posi drive screwdriver to turn the screws anti clockwise in order to remove them. Now pull the hose out of the hood and pull the height adjuster knob out.Now lift the hood up and off.

Lift the brushes up to get them out. Take off the old belt and fit the new one around the motor pulley. It may appear to be rusty or dark looking. This is not a fault with your product, but do make sure any debris is moved before you hook the belt over the spindle. Fit the brush roll into the loop of the belt and stretch back to fit the brush roll  into its housing. Finally give the brush a few turns by hand to ensure it’s not jammed.Belts will require regular replacement. Should you require replacement belts you can purchase them via the spares section of this website.

Phone 03446 923 608 and we’ll assess the best resolution for your problem.

Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

This solution applies to the following models: