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Possible installation problem

If you have connected the washing machine drain hose to your kitchen sink, there may be the possibility that when the sink is emptied, some of the dirty water from the sink goes into the washing machine through the drain hose connection. This greasy water may have a pungent smell. To stop this from happening the grey drain hose from the machine must be correctly fitted. The best way to route the grey drain hose is shown in the diagram, as indicated by the red lines. You will notice it goes up higher than the sink bowl, ideally above the height of the sink overflow. Secure it with the hose support crook delivered to you in the accessory pack that you found in the drum on delivery of the product. Fitting it up at this way allows  the sink overflow will act as what plumbers call an 'air block' which will stop dirty sink water backfilling into your washing machine.

The best way to route the hose

hose fitted up and secured with the 'U-shaped hose support  

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