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Is the machine installed in a cold place?

Your tumble dryer has been designed to be used in a habitable part of your home. During the winter, cold temperatures are detected by sensors inside the appliance which causes it to shut down. This may occur in colder parts of your home such as a garage or out building during a 'cold snap' when we experience temperatures bellow zero. In these conditions the machine will turn on but not start up and the lights may flash. Simply warm up the surroundings or alternatively open the door, remove the filter and using a hair dryer blow warm air into the machine through the filter slot. Do this for a few minutes and then try the dryer again... it should now start to work. This is not a fault with your dryer it is simply due to the location of your machine during extremely cold weather. We recommend you re-locate the product to a warmer environment.

using a hair dryer to warm up the surrounding temperature

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