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Check the drain hole is not blocked

 When your fridge is working condensation droplets will appear on the rear wall of the fridge. These run down the back and into a collection gully at the bottom of your fridge. In the middle of the gully is a drain hole and the condensation drops should drain away down this hole. Make sure that the drain hole found at the bottom of the rear wall of the fridge has not frozen over or become blocked with food. If it has then water will drip into the bottom of the fridge. The best thing to use is a cotton ear bud, to carefully remove any blockage by gently prodding it down the hole. If the hole is frozen then apply a warm cloth to the ice to melt it.

cleaning out the drain hole

Use the cleaning tool provided to clean out the drain hole. If you don't have the cleaning tube an cotton wool ear bud is ideal for removing any debris clogging the hole. Once cleaned out the water should drain away freely.

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