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Maintanence and general care

Once a month we recommend that you open up the nozzle and clean any debris or hair wrapped around the brushes. Also make sure that the blades of the drive wheel are clean and free from debris. It is normal for the belt to feel slack, but make sure it is free form hair and debris. If the tool is broken in any way then a new tool can be purchased from the spares pages on our website. Depending on what model you have will determine how the tool can be opened up for cleaning. Some have a locking ring that is twisted anti clockwise, others a lock catch that you pull back. There may be 2 screws to remove as illustrated in the image. Others ore opened up by first prizing the sides apart.

open pet tool

depending on your model the cover can be removed as shown above or may be secured as shown below:

methods of opening the pet tool for cleaning

prize apart to open the tool

the tool can be taken apart for cleaning - remove any hair or debris  from the brush and air blades

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This solution applies to the following models: