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The temperature varies from top to bottom of the compartment

The coldest part of your fridge is at the bottom, the top may be warmer so where you store the food is important.If food is going off we may need to look closer at where in the fridge it is placed. The most suitable place for  cool dairy products, cheese, butter, margarine, low fat spreads, cooking fats/lards, jams, marmalade, salad dressing or sauces is ton the top shelves. Keep uncooked meats and fish on the lower shelves and salads in the bin at the bottom. Always wrap food to keep it nice and fresh and prevent the build up of condensation in your fridge.

Temperature zones ... the top is the warmest part of a fridge
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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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Fridge Freezers

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Appliance information plates can be found on the front, back, side, rim or base of Hoover appliances.
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