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Move the top basket up

The top rack or basket of our range of dishwashers is designed to have 2 positions within the tub of the machine. This allows you to move it up a little so that the larger plates and pans will fit in the bottom basket without touching the spray arm.

Simply empty the top basket of dishes and cutlery, pull it out until it stops. The basket rolls out on little wheels that slide in a runner on either side of the basket. Twist the runner stop out wards on the end of each slider and you will find the basket will roll out of the machine. There are 2 sets of wheels each side of the basket, re fit the basket on the lower set of wheels and close the runner stops back to keep it in place.

On some of our products simply pull out the basket until it stops, take out any dishes then push it down firmly. You will then find it pops up to the higher setting.

basket now fitted on the lower set of runner wheels which raises its position in the tub .

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This solution applies to the following models: