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Here are some do's and dont's

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  • Do not place hot or warm food in the fridge freezer, allow food to cool first.
  • Do not place food in direct contact with the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment
  • Do not place open tins/cans of food in the refrigerator, instead, place the food into a suitable sealed container
  • Ensure that food is adequately wrapped in foil, cling film, freezer bags etc. or placed within a suitable sealed container prior to storing. This will help to prevent flavour and odour transfer and encourage foods to retain their moisture.
  • Do not tightly pack foods together, as this will prevent air from circulating.
  • Do not use metal objects to scrape away ice/frost
  • If the electricity supply is lost e.g. due to a power cut, keep the appliance doors shut to preserve the coldness for as long as possible.

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