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The time shown at the start assumes you have put a full load of clothes in the drum

When you first select a programme, the time shown on the display for your cycle is the length of time needed to wash a full or maximum load size. Your machine uses just enough water to wash the size of the load it finds inside the drum and once the programme starts it will re calculate the estimated cycle duration. We call this process the ‘KG’ mode and it usually takes around 10 minutes to calculate the current load size. Once the calculations are complete the display will then show the estimated cycle duration for the load presently inside the drum.

At the end of the cycle should the load become unbalanced or there is just a few items in the drum the cycle time may be extended in order to even up the load before spinning. This is normal and designed to protect your machine from damage caused by excessive vibration.

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Washing Machines
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Locating Appliance Information Plates

Hoover typical model number plate
Appliance information plates can be found on the front, back, side, rim or base of Hoover appliances.
Washing Machine
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