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There may be a build up of static energy on the product

‘Static’ energy charges are present  in our environment. From time to time we experience static energy when we touch a car door handle, supermarket trolley or television set and feel a tingle in our fingers. Some of us may also feel this tingle or apparent shock feeling when we touch a vacuum cleaner.

Static occurs in the atmosphere when things may become ‘charged’ by friction and in the case of a vacuum  cleaner, moving it over some carpets in very dry environments  can cause it to attract static energy to the casing of the product. When you touch the cleaner the product discharges this energy through your body: that is what causes the tingling or electric feeling. It is not an electric shock and will not harm you.

If you are finding that your product is attracting static simply polish it with an anti-static furniture polish that can be purchased from most supermarkets.

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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